Halo Oil works with you to improve the environment. We make sure our cooking oil is sustainably produced and ethically disposed of.


We deliver your high-quality oil ready to go in our unique stackable, eco-friendly containers.


Once used, we collect and process the waste oil sustainably. Our closed loop process ensures you receive a premium product and efficient service with minimum waste.


Waste oil is either refined into biofuel for local power generation or is blended locally for biodiesel to run environmentally sustainable transport.


  • We work closely with local agencies and our clients to ensure all food waste management practices we support are in full accordance with the most rigorous practice guidelines.

  • Our staff are fully trained to ensure we provide supply and collection solutions for our clients that minimise waste and offer maximum opportunities to improve processing.

  • Halo Oil’s unique containers design are eco-focused. Each container is re-usable to ensure none end up in landfill. The design also reduces the risk of spillage and allows staff to stack them easily and securely on site.

  • We operate in a fully transparent way, which means our customers know exactly where their waste oil will be sent and how the refining process works.

  • Our customers are provided with up to date waste management accreditation certification so they can be confident that choosing us, means they are positively contributing to sustainability within the supply chain.



We hold an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) which underlines our commitment to global sustainability within our, and all related, supply chains.


Environment Agency

We are accredited by the Environment Agency, which works to create better places for people and wildlife through support sustainable development.